Chester Creek Trail

Rail Trail in Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Announcing Our Pilot Trail Ambassador Program

We are looking for a few volunteers to support the Chester Creek Trail and our community of trail users. A Trail Ambassador will be asked to “adopt” a section of the trail to visit regularly (at least once a week on average) and to report any issues, such as downed trees, full trash cans, doggy bag stations needing refilling, other repair issues, etc.  You might also want to bring a pair of gloves and a bag to pick up any trash you see along the trail, and be willing to answer or refer any questions you might get.  


For now, we are asking volunteers to choose a trail segment to walk at a time that is convenient to them.  As the program develops, we may determine more specific timeslots and instructions, and will refine our FAQ resources for volunteers. 


Volunteers will receive a free T-shirt after they have documented at least ten visits by filling out a simple post-visit survey each time.  If you are interested, please fill out this short form, and we’ll get you started.