Chester Creek Trail

Rail Trail in Delaware County, Pennsylvania


On behalf of the Friends of the Chester Creek Branch, we would like to thank Glen Clark for his time and expertise in restoring the Pennsylvania Railroad Mile Marker Post that was recently donated to the FOCCB by John Anshant.

This mile marker post was originally located off Lenni Road near the old Lenni RR Train Station. Glen took the Mile Marker Post to a local sandblaster and had all the rust removed. He then painted and refurbished the post to bring it back to its original state. On the mile marker, the 17 represents miles to Philadelphia and the 55 represents miles to Rising Sun Maryland. Glen, along with other Scout Leaders from Troop 225 placed this at the Mount Alverno Trailhead in our park area for all to enjoy.

At a future date, the FOCCB will be enhancing this post with a sign that will explain the history and significance of this post.