Chester Creek Trail

Rail Trail in Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Mural Project

The Wall Today

The Friends of the Chester Creek Branch and the Rockdale Arts District are pleased to announce a new collaboration to bring outdoor art to the Chester Creek Rail Trail.  We’ve been able to engage Jay Walker, a nationally recognized artist, to create a mural on the 450-foot long retaining wall between Lenni and Lundgren Road. You may have seen Jay’s work at the Philadelphia airport or elsewhere, but we’re fortunate to have him as a member of the Rockdale Arts District, a community of artists located right near the trail.   

Our project will be starting during the spring of 2020, once the weather is warm enough for painting.  We’ve been fortunate enough to engage the support of several important partners. The Delaware County Parks Department and Nolan Painting will be cleaning and priming the wall prior to the mural painting.   These are critical steps and we are grateful for their professional expertise so that the mural itself will last as long as possible.  The McKee Group has provided financial support, and we will provide additional updates as the project progresses.  Prepping  a 450-foot retaining wall is a major undertaking, and would be impossible without the support of our partners.

Jay Walker is an Aston-based based multi-disciplinary artist, creating tape installations, mixed media painting/drawings, and carved sculptures. Jay’s work involves observing and developing the dynamics of pattern and morphing them into his own designs. His work is regularly site-specific, allowing room for inspiration from the space itself, as it interacts with and stirs his artistic vision. Jay finds freedom in starting with one idea, initially drawing from color, form, and varied aesthetic choices, allowing the subject matter to emerge. He taps into the identity of culture, incorporating his fascination with archetypes and exploring who they are, why they exist, and what they embody.

Rockdale Arts District is a coalition of arts related entities in the historic mill town of Rockdale located in Aston Township, PA. Together we create a cultural destination to enrich our surrounding community through public engagement and special events.

Artist's Concepts

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